How to Organize Your Kids' Schedules

Planning is key to keeping up with your kids' schedules.
Planning is key to keeping up with your kids' schedules.

In this day and age, kids may seem busier than ever before. With school, extracurricular activities and homework, there's barely a second to rest, and as a parent you might sometimes feel more like a personal assistant than a guardian. If you have more than one kid, keeping everything organized and on schedule might seem downright impossible, but the truth is you don't have to be a miracle worker to organize your kids' schedules. You just need a few good techniques.

Often, problems begin because your kids' schedules are constantly changing. A new school event pops up here, a birthday party there and before you know it, you have four things to do this Saturday at 10 a.m. It's tough to plan for this type of thing. However, you can plan for everything else, and by doing so, you might make the unplanned events a little less stressful. Accomplishing this could be as easy as putting up a color-coded calendar, or you might have to take it a step further and have your kids fill out permission slips to return to you to attend a certain event or participate in an extracurricular activity [source: Children's Rights Council].

Depending on how technologically astute you are, you might be able to use computer software to keep your kids' schedules organized as well. There are programs you can use to keep track of every appointment, pick-up time and homework assignment your kids have. Some will even send reminders right to your phone.

Keeping your family organized may always be a challenge, but there are definitely methods that can help make the task easier. Keep reading to find out more about a few of them.