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Free Knitting Patterns

Free and Easy Knitting Patterns

Armed with only knitting needles and yarn, you can complete a wide variety of projects.

Beginning knitters will be delighted by these fun, free, easy knitting patterns. Get festive with a felted Christmas stocking, or cuddle up with a zigzag throw.

Even beginners will have luck using these easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Each article also includes a photo of the finished piece, to help you plan and visualize your project.


Free Knitting Patterns for Beginners

You've got to start somewhere, and these simple projects will give you the confidence to keep on knitting.

Free Herringbone Belt Knitting Pattern

This stylish belt is simple to knit, and has an interesting texture. Knot the long fringes around your waist.

Free Cell Phone Cozy Knitting Pattern

Keep your cell phone in good shape while giving it a unique look.

Free Eyeglass Case Knitting Pattern

Your eyeglasses will be protected in this densely knit, multicolored case.

Free Striped Wine Sack Knitting Pattern

A bottle of wine makes a nice gift, but presenting it in a one-of-a-kind hand-knit, felted sack makes a nice gift unforgettable.

Free Lace Hand Towel Knitting Pattern

The prettiest hand towels are not the hardest to knit.

Free Designer Dishtowel Knitting Pattern

So easy to knit that you'll soon have enough to give away.

Free Americana Pot Holder Knitting Pattern

These pot holders are worthy of any chef's kitchen!

Free Padded Hanger and Sachet Knitting Pattern

Tired of old hangers? Give them a makeover with this easy project.

Free Checkered Pot Holder Knitting Pattern

Can't get enough of the pot holders? Here's another great pattern.

Free Zigzag Throw Knitting Pattern

This chenille throw is so cozy that you won't want to give it away.

Free Felted Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern

Get in the spirit of Christmas and make one for someone special -- or make enough for the entire family.

Easy Baby Bibs Knitting Pattern

Babies can't help make a mess at mealtime, but these bibs are easy to make and keep the mess well-contained.

Easy Baby Hooded Towel Knitting Pattern

Bathtime is a lot more fun when there's a colorful, comfortable towel waiting for you on the other end.

Easy Baby Buddy Inchworm Pillow Knitting Pattern

This knitted invertebrate is both a warm cushion for your baby's head and a fun friend.

Easy Baby and Kids' Lacy Tank Dress Knitting Pattern

Quick to put on and durable, this cute dress will make your little girl look like royalty at all times.

Easy Baby Pretty Poncho Knitting Pattern

Throw this festive serape on your youngster and watch her become the brightest star in the room.

Easy Baby Hooded Jacket and Booties Knitting Pattern

Your baby will be warm and protected with this project, which is truly knitted from head to toe.

How to Knit

The art of knitting is surprisingly easy to learn. Pick up the basic elements of knitting with these simple steps.

Knitting Instructions

Knowing how to put basic stitches together will allow you to create a wide range of knitting projects. These tips will show you how.

Knitting is a hobby to last a lifetime, and the free knitting patterns in this article will get that journey off to a great start.