Free Baby Toys Knitting Patterns

This teddy bear is the perfect size for big hugs. See more pictures of knitting patterns.

Knitted baby toys are a perfect handmade gift for a new baby, or they can be a delightful surprise for your own children. Our easy-to-knit patterns will brighten the eyes of any child, and they might even become much-loved family favorites.

Use these free knitting patterns to make your own charming knitted baby toys.

Barnyard Finger Puppets

E-I-E-I-O! This farmer and his animal friends take Old McDonald to a whole new level.

Felted Block Set

Perfect for sorting, stacking, and tumbling, these felted blocks will stimulate baby's senses with soft textures and bright colors.

Teddy Bear

Our sweet teddy bear is just begging for a big hug, and the children in your life will be more than happy to oblige him.

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