Knitting Instructions

Your journey into the world of knitting begins with needles and some yarn.
Your journey into the world of knitting begins with needles and some yarn.

You can use the simple knit and purl stitches to make many wonderful things. But don't stop there! If you keep challenging yourself to try new patterns and learn new techniques, knitting will continue to be an exciting adventure.

This article offers a plethora of information that will help you create more complicated knit patterns. From making increases and decreases to mastering cables, the techniques outlined here will take you to the next level of knitting. You'll find:

  • Determining and Knitting Gauge
  • Take the time to find your knitting gauge before starting a project with help from the tips on this page.
  • Knitting in the Round
    Learn how to knit without seams using either circular needles or double-pointed needles here.
  • Knitting Increases
    Check out this page for tips on the variety of ways to make knitting increases, including yarn overs and the make one method.
  • Knitting Decreases
    From knitting two stitches together to the slip slip knit method, the decreases you'll learn in this section are sure to help you in your knitting endeavors.
  • Special Knitting Stitches
    On this page, you'll learn about special knitting stitches that show up often in patterns, such as a slip stitch, duplicate stitch, and simple I-cord.
  • Knitting Cables
    Knitting cables is a more advanced technique, but thanks to the tips in this section, you'll be creating beautiful cabled designs in no time!
  • Joining New Yarn
    Find out the best way to join new yarn to your project -- whether the same color or a different one -- with the tips featured here.
  • Knitting Buttonholes
    Check out this section for helpful tips on making buttonholes in sweaters and other knitted projects.
  • Fixing Knitting Mistakes
    Learn how to correct those inevitable knitting mistakes, such as as dropped stitches, on this page.
  • Basic Crochet Stitches
    Find out why knowing various crochet stitches can benefit your knitting in this section.
  • Finishing: Picking Up Stitches
    Get the basics on picking up stitches on various types of knitted edges here.
  • Finishing: Seams and Weaving Yarn Tails
    Learn tips on sewing seams and weaving yarn tails to ensure your knitted piece is both beautiful and sturdy.
  • Washing and Blocking Knitting
    Take note of the tips on this page to wash and block your knitted projects with care.
  • Felted Knitting
    Learn how to take a knitted piece and turn it into a unique, durable felted item in this section.
  • Standard Knitting Abbreviations
    Find a long list of the most common knitting abbreviations and their meanings on this page.

We'll start by learning the importance of determining gauge on the next page.