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Free Knitting Patterns

Free Clothing Knitting Patterns

Warm winter items like a woolly hat are no longer beyond your reach when you learn to knit.

Most of us have a knitted sweater that we pull out of storage every winter. But there's a lot more you can do with needles and yarn. From the top of your head to the tip of your toe, you can learn how to knit the ideal garment.

Consider these free patterns to create lovely, handcrafted pieces of clothing. All you'll need is knitting needles, yarn, and some basic knitting techniques. Read on to see how you can put the clothes on your own back.


Free Socks Knitting Patterns

Don't get cold feet. Use these patterns to craft socks that are both comfortable and attention-getting.

Free Ribby Sock Knitting Pattern

The ribbing pattern of these socks is simple, but the flashy appearance makes it look like a complicated project.

Free Bulky Boot Socks Knitting Pattern

Protect your feet from both the elements and the harsh rub of your winter boots with these thick socks.

Free Mitten Knitting Patterns

You'll have knitting well in hand when you try one of these projects. They'll keep your hands busy while you're working, and warm when you're done.

Free Mittens and Headband Knitting Pattern

Wooly mittens are a classic knitting project, and the matching headband makes this ideal for winter.

Free Fun Felted Mittens Knitting Pattern

With a felted look and a fancy fringe, these mittens will warm you up on the coldest days.

Free Hat Knitting Patterns

These projects come right off the top of your head.

Free Baby Daisy-top Hat Knitting Pattern

Baby's just part of a pretty garden with the flowery topper on this hat.

Free Baby Penguin Pal Hat Knitting Pattern

Just as penguins sit on their eggs to keep them warm, this charming hat sits right on top of your baby's head to keep it nice and toasty.

Free Mohair-look Hat Knitting Pattern

With this pattern, you can knit a hat with the look of a much more expensive, manufactured hat.

Free Gull Stitch Toque Knitting Pattern

The classic knitted hat is always in style, and easy to make for even the beginning knitter.

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns

To keep yourself warm or simply to spice up an outfit, scarves will do the trick. The patterns in this article will give you some great ideas.

Free Simple Sparkle Scarf Knitting Pattern

With a glitzy yarn, you'll fend off the cold and make a bold fashion statement at the same time.

Free Confetti Scarf Knitting Pattern

Be the star of your own parade with this colorful scarf.

Free Popcorn Scarf Knitting Pattern

This scarf pattern stands out with bright kernels of color.

Free Striped Scarf Knitting Pattern

The traditional school scarf lives again with this pattern's use of alternating colors.

Free Braided Scarf Knitting Pattern

You can create the illusion of two scarves woven together with this unique braiding pattern.

Free Seven-Eleven Scarf Knitting Pattern

This design looks complicated, thanks to the clever use of two different-sized knitting needles.

Free Tube Scarf Knitting Pattern

More than a scarf, this pattern can also serve as a fashionable cowl or a warm hood.

Free Loosely Lovely Scarf Knitting Pattern

Thanks to large needles and a wide stitch, this pattern sits loosely around your neck.

Free Fabulous Fringe Scarf Knitting Pattern

You can stay warm and still have some flair with this flashy scarf pattern.

Free Floral Appliqué Scarf Knitting Pattern

Be your own bouquet with the charming flowers on this scarf.

Free Herringbone Scarf with Pom-pom Fringe Knitting Pattern

The classic look of herringbone on this scarf is enhanced with a delightful puffy fringe.

Free Butterfly Scarf Knitting Pattern

With a subtle recurring shape and carefully-placed beads, this pattern positively sparkles.

Free Boa Knitting Pattern

There are no feathers, but you can use yarn to create a stylish boa with this pattern.

Free Ripple Scarf Knitting Pattern

Say no to straight lines. Do the wave with the unique look of this scarf pattern.

Free Mermaid Scarf Knitting Pattern

This pattern is quite simple, but the choice of yarn and fringe tail will send you under the sea.

How to Knit

The art of knitting is surprisingly easy to learn. Pick up the basic elements of knitting with these simple steps.

Knitting Instructions

Knowing how to put basic stitches together will allow you to create a wide range of knitting projects. These tips will show you how.

Knitting can also provide a homey decor. The patterns on the next page will show you how to make projects that will transform the look of your house.