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Free Knitting Patterns

Free Baby Knitting Patterns

A lot of baby needs, such as a cute pair of booties, can be knitted quickly and economically.

The arrival of a new baby is an occasion for celebration. But a new life needs new things, and even before the baby arrives, new parents may be rushing to obtain a new wardrobe, as well as all sorts of accessories and toys.

Fortunately, if you can knit, then you can skip the mall and make a lot of baby items yourself. Whether you're looking to make something as a gift for a newborn, or you're trying to provide something for your own baby, the free patterns provided here will give you plenty of ideas. Read on to see all the different knitting projects you can do to put a smile on baby's face.


Easy Baby Knitting Patterns

Babies need more than clothing, but any number of baby needs can be created out of yarn.

Easy Baby Bibs Knitting Pattern

Babies can't help making a mess at mealtime, but these bibs are easy to make and keep the mess well-contained.

Easy Baby Hooded Towel Knitting Pattern

Bathtime is a lot more fun when there's a colorful, comfortable towel waiting for you on the other end.

Easy Baby Buddy Inchworm Pillow Knitting Pattern

This knitted invertebrate is both a warm cushion for your baby's head and a fun friend.

Easy Baby and Kids' Lacy Tank Dress Knitting Pattern

Quick to put on and durable, this cute dress will make your little girl look like royalty at all times.

Easy Baby Pretty Poncho Knitting Pattern

Throw this festive serape on your youngster and watch her become the brightest star in the room.

Easy Baby Hooded Jacket and Booties Knitting Pattern

Your baby will be warm and protected with this project, which is truly knitted from head to toe.

Free Baby Toys Knitting Patterns

Soft toys are a must for little bodies that are still developing. You can make them yourself, with these patterns to guide you.

Free Teddy Bear Knitting Pattern

Knit up a new friend for your baby with this soft companion.

Free Felted Block Set Knitting Pattern

All kids love to play with blocks, but you won't need a saw or sandpaper to make these fun (and soft) playthings.

Free Barnyard Finger Puppets Knitting Pattern

Your child can play all the parts in their own barnyard show, with the help of the finger puppets you make from these patterns.

Free Baby Sweaters Knitting Patterns

Babies have sensitive skin, and easily get cold. The solution? One of these lovely knitted sweaters, which are soft and warm.

Free Cabled Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Ensure that your baby is staying warm and looking fashionable with this knitted concoction.

Free Plush Pullover Knitting Pattern

Buttons on the neck make it easy to dress your baby in this warm and comfortable sweater.

Free Fancy Stitch Pullover Knitting Pattern

This sweater looks complicated, but it's actually quite easy to create this explosion of color.

Free Knitting Patterns for Baby Blankets

For warmth and security, children rely upon their blankets. Make them a blanket they'll always cling to.

Free Houndstooth Blanket Knitting Pattern

The fancy pattern makes this look like much more than a baby blanket, but it's just the thing to keep baby warm.

Free Sunny Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

This bright yellow blanket is warm to both the eye and the touch.

Free Honeycomb Stroller Blanket Knitting Pattern

Weather need not be a concern when you have this blanket to protect baby from the elements on your next outing.

Free Baby Bootie Knitting Patterns

Put your needles to work making sure that baby's feet are toasty warm with these projects.

Free Baby's Best Booties Knitting Pattern

With a one-piece design and small size, these booties are perfect for both a baby and a first-time knitter.

Free Baby Mary Jane Booties Knitting Pattern

New feet need a soft covering, and these booties fit the bill.

How to Knit

The art of knitting is surprisingly easy to learn. Pick up the basic elements of knitting with these simple steps.

Knitting Instructions

Knowing how to put basic stitches together will allow you to create a wide range of knitting projects. These tips will show you how.

Once you've mastered knitting for babies, you can try some projects for people a little closer to your own age. Free clothing knitting patterns are available on the next page.