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Guide to Pregnancy by Week

Guide to Being One Week Pregnant

When you're looking down the long road to motherhood, week 40 can look more appealing than week one. It can seem a long time to wait to feel that tiny fist wrapped around your finger. So what is week one really like, and how exactly can you tell you're one week along? See more »

Guide to Being Two Weeks Pregnant

Like "one-week pregnant," two weeks along exists only in retrospect. That doesn't mean the second week of pregnancy doesn't matter, though. There's no baby yet, but there's a lot of preparation going on. See more »

Guide to Being Three Weeks Pregnant

If you're trying for a baby, this is your big moment. Conception typically occurs during week three, which means you are not just technically pregnant, you're actually pregnant. At last, a microscopic ball of cells to call your own. See more »

Guide to Being Four Weeks Pregnant

You're having the symptoms -- morning sickness, bloating, missed period -- but you aren't sure if you're really pregnant. Four weeks is about the right time to take the pregnancy test and get an accurate diagnosis. Why? Read on to find out. See more »

Guide to Being Five Weeks Pregnant

In week five, your fetus is about the size of a sesame seed! You're popping folic acid and trying to fight off morning sickness. Here's what you and your partner should know about this early stage of prengnancy. See more »

Guide to Being Six Weeks Pregnant

During week six of your pregnancy, those cravings and bouts of morning sickness are in full swing! The good news? You might be able to hear your baby's heartbeat. What else can you expect when your little one is a half-inch long? See more »

Guide to Being Seven Weeks Pregnant

By now, your baby is transforming from a featureless, c-shaped tube into a tiny creature with a head. What else can you expect during your seventh week of pregnancy? See more »

Guide to Being Eight Weeks Pregnant

While you won't be feeling it yet, your baby is actually starting to move around. What else can you expect from your eighth week of pregnancy? See more »

Guide to Being Nine Weeks Pregnant

You're two-thirds of the way through your first trimester and really starting to feel -- if not actually look -- pregnant. At this point, you may also be experiencing some unpleasant side effects. But what exactly is going on during week nine? See more »

Guide to Being 10 Weeks Pregnant

By Week 10, if you were to look closely at your baby, you'd notice she doesn't look like a tadpole anymore. Her embryonic tail, at the bottom of the spinal cord, has disappeared and her rapidly developing spinal nerves have become visible. What else can you see? See more »