Honeymoon Ideas

Some couples want to lounge at the beach, some want to climb mountains. Figure out the perfect way to celebrate your marriage in these articles.

All-inclusive resorts let you pay one price for lodging, meals and other amenities. After a stressful wedding, wouldn't it be nice to leave the honeymoon details to someone else?

Maybe it's because of finances or sheer exhaustion, but you're just not ready to pack for a week in the Caribbean -- much less think about itineraries and excursions. Modern brides have a solution that's part romance, part life-saver: minimoons.

Bride veterans love dishing about their honeymoons. For every bride who got the perfect golden tan and learned to snorkel in crystal-clear Caribbean waters, there's a bride who has a horror story. These cautionary tales will make you laugh, cringe and take heed.

There's something romantic about running off with your beloved and getting married. On the other hand, you might incur the wrath of family and friends for not being included in this joyous event. When is elopement right and when is it wrong?

There's nothing sweeter than digging your toes in the sand and staring into your new hubby's eyes. But what about trading a tropical vacay for a cute cottage or spacious urban loft? Some couples are using the honeymoon fund for a down payment on a home.

Passport? Check. Groom? Check. What else could you possibly need for an unforgettable honeymoon? Ladies, we've got you covered. Use our checklist to help you pack for every possible honeymoon occasion.

If you're interested in a honeymoon in the Caribbean, then you're probably hoping for sun on your back and sand between your toes. But what else do these islands have to offer?

The second major decision you'll make about your wedding (after choosing the date) is where to have it. If you're thinking about a Caribbean wedding or one in the Swiss Alps, consider whether you're cut out to be a destination bride.

The resort's brochure promises total ease and peace of mind: Your food, drinks, activities and airfare are all covered. But before you shell out for that all-inclusive honeymoon, consider whether you really need it all.

Your honeymoon is a time to shut out the world completely and cozy up to your new life partner. Escape to your version of paradise, whether that's a tropical island, Tuscan cooking school or zip line course in Costa Rica.

When you hear "destination wedding," do you think of Caribbean beaches and European castles? Show your patriotism and save on airfare with a domestic ceremony. The best part? No passport necessary!

Forget destination weddings and seek inspiration from a map of the United States. Whether you're into beaches, mountain ranges, quaint towns or natural wonders, you can plan a gorgeous getaway that doesn't require a passport!

There's at least one wedding expense you certainly don't want to forget: the honeymoon. After you've said your vows and danced the night away, will there still be money left to take your dream vacation?

You've said your vows and entertained guests at the reception -- now you finally get the chance to spend some time with your new spouse. Browse these pictures of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world.

Planning a wedding in the Caribbean involves more than picking out rum and tropical flowers. You'll need the site permits, blood tests and a rain plan. Here are 10 tips for the would-be destination bride.

On any other trip to the Bahamas, you'd be packing some shorts, a bikini and your favorite flip-flops. But when you're headed to an exotic destination to exchange vows, you've got to pack a bridal gown.

For the busy bride who hasn't had a moment or a cent to devote to her honeymoon, putting off the trip is one solution that's becoming more popular these days. French Polynesia will wait for you, but can you wait for it?

Dressing for a traditional wedding is pretty straightforward: suits and ties for men, cocktail-length dresses and skirts for women. But when the venue is a beach or 14th-century Italian church, what are the rules?

Your dream wedding may involve a trip to an exotic locale, but what complications lie in store? Smooth your path to an international wedding with these tips.

Your getaway car with cans dragging from the bumper just peeled out of the reception parking lot. Finally -- the honeymoon. Where are you going? Is it one of these top ten spots?