Diva of Discretion: How to Be the Best Mother of the Groom

It's a special day for you, too!
It's a special day for you, too!
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You were the one to make your son chicken soup when he was home sick from school. You were the one to taxi him to soccer practice. And you were the one to take an embarrassing number of pictures of him and his date on prom night. After all, moms are known for this warm and fuzzy stuff, right?

He's all grown up now, and there have been infinite ways you've shown him you care throughout his life. That doesn't (and shouldn't) stop just because he's getting married soon.

Being the best mother of the groom (MOG) ever has a lot to do with boundaries -- on the wedding day and for the rest of your life as a family. It's important to be supportive of your son and daughter-in-law as well as respect your own boundaries and priorities as a family.

It also has to do with showing your love and support in ways that register with the recipient. If the bride-to-be keeps to herself and seems uncomfortable hugging, for example, maybe skip your usual bear hug and show your affection in other ways (at least until she warms up to you). You can do lots of things. Give presents. Do acts of service. Shower her with words of affirmation. Spend quality time together. People mostly feel (and give) affection in one of these five main ways according to Dr. Gary Chapman, author of best-seller "The Five Love Languages."

There are also some tried and true dos and don'ts to being a superb MOG. Check out these tips for a little diva of discretion guidance.