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Free Padded Hanger and Sachet Knitting Pattern

With this project, your old hangers will soon find new life.
With this project, your old hangers will soon find new life.

Dress up an old hanger in an instant with this easy project. Fill the cute little sachet with your favorite dried flowers, aromatic herbs, potpourri, or cedar shavings.


Binding off -- BO

Casting on -- CO

Crochet chain

Garter stitch

Knit 2 together -- k2tog

Mattress stitch

Weaving in yarn tails

Yarn over -- yo


Hanger cover: Approximately 16 inches (40.5cm)

Sachet: 23/4x23/4 inches (7x7cm)


21 stitches/11 rows=4" (10cm) in garter stitch

What You'll Need

Yarn: 60 yards (55m) worsted weight yarn for hanger cover (yarn A); 20 yards (18m) coordinating yarn for sachet (yarn B)

We used: Patons Grace (100% cotton): #60903 lavender (yarn A), 1 ball; #60005 snow (yarn B), 1 ball

Needles: US size 5 (3.75mm)

Notions: Size F/5 (3.75mm) crochet hook; tapestry needle; sewing needle and white sewing thread; 1/2" (1.3cm) decorative button

Miscellaneous: Straight wooden hanger with metal hook

Making the Sachet

Holding 2 strands of yarn B together as 1, cast on 15 stitches. Work in garter stitch (knit every row) for about 5" (12.5cm).

Next row (eyelet buttonhole): Knit 6, knit 2 together, yarn over, knit 7. Knit 5 more rows; bind off. Fold piece in half, and weave sides together using mattress stitch. Placing seam in middle of back, sew bottom together using mattress stitch.

Crochet Chain: Insert crochet hook into 1 side seam, just under top edge. Using 2 strands of yarn B, work a crochet chain for 7" (18cm). Cut yarn, leaving about 6" (15cm) tail. With threaded tapestry needle, attach chain to opposite side seam under the top edge and to the inside. Weave yarn ends through several stitches on wrong side of work, and secure. With sewing needle and thread, attach button in position on inside of sachet, opposite eyelet buttonhole.

Making the Hanger Cover

Holding 2 strands of yarn A together as 1, cast on 80 stitches and work in garter stitch (knit every row) for 23/4" (7cm). Bind off all stitches. Cut yarn, leaving about 30" (76cm) tail.

Find center of knit piece, and slip it over the metal hanger hook, taking care not to snag knitting. Fold knit piece in half lengthwise over hanger. Thread tapestry needle with yarn tail, and weave loose ends to wrong side to secure. Pull yarn snugly to gather and tighten side edge and enclose it over hanger end. Close other side in the same way. Weave loose ends to wrong side and through a few stitches to secure. Sew cast-on and bind-off edges together neatly. Weave last remaining yarn tail to inside, and secure.

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