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While the maxi dress is long in length, it makes short work of looking great. Learn how to choose a style of maxi dress that flatters your body type and which accessories to pair with it.

Whether your look is totally original or you always follow the latest trends, these women inspire us and help create the fashions that stand the test of time. See the style icons who made our list.

Island sunsets and crumbling Greek ruins? We'll pass, thanks. We find beauty in hand-stitched leather shoes and soft, suede jackets. Take a fashion-inspired vacation in one of these locales, and you'll be loving life and looking good.

The winter-spring transition can be a freeing moment. It's not, of course, a "moment." Typically, you have at least a few weeks of fashion limbo, when it's too warm for a coat, too cool for a sundress and perfect for a long walk outside. So what to wear?

So can you wear white after Labor Day? Is it OK for tall women to wear high heels? We're digging up the truth on 10 fashion dos-and don'ts.

Beauty is all about proportion. By figuring our where your body is out of whack, you can choose clothes that will camouflage your figure's quirks and make you look 10 pounds thinner.

If you're Ms. Fashionista and your best friend is Ms. Frump, she might like some tips from you on how to improve her look. What gifts will help her out?

The fashionista who eats, sleeps and breathes fashion is one of the more difficult women to buy for. So what can you get for the girl who has everything? A new handbag for starters.

It's easy to look fabulous when you have stylists at your beck and call and huge bank accounts at your disposal. Yet -- with a little work and a lot less cash -- the rest of us can look just as fashionable as the celebs.

If you love clothes but hate the hassle of visiting the mall, you'll love shopping for clothes online. With great photos and easy-to-navigate pages, finding a little black dress and actually having it fit once you get it home has never been easier.

Fashion makeovers are not just for TV. Create a brand-new you with these quick and simple makeover tips.