Families come in all shapes and sizes and we know sometimes, you need a little help. Get all the tips and advice you'll ever need or want to know right here on starting, raising and nurturing your clan.
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You want to have pleasurable time together, but forced family fun is a bummer for everyone involved. How can you bring your favorite people together without resorting to coercion or threats of violence? We have some suggestions.

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Quiz: Are you spending enough time with grown-ups?

Once a newborn is brought home, life usually changes. A lot. Babies require round-the-clock care and exhausted parents typically fall into bed at night, too tired to think about hiring a babysitter and making plans to go out with friends. After a while, this sort of set-up can make first-time moms and dads forget what it was like to interact with other adults, especially ones without children. Can you successfully navigate the evolving social scene of new parenthood?

Where can single parents meet?

As a single parent, it can help to know others who are in your same situation and understand what you're going through. Where should you begin when trying to meet other single parents?

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