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Teens and Tweens

Adolescence can be a tricky time, both for parents struggling to understand their children’s issues and for teens and tweens attempting to forge their new identities. Learn how to understand your teenagers in these articles.

What is a good exercise routine for female adolescents?

Try to get in an hour of exercise a day, most of it aerobic. Learn about good exercise routines for female adolescents from this article.

“Storm and stress" refers to the period of adolescence in which teenagers are in conflict with their parents, are moody, and engage in risky behavior. Learn about Storm and Stress from this article.

The leading cause of death among teenagers is car accidents, more than half of which are due to drinking and driving. Learn about the stats on teens drinking and driving from this article.

Parents often don't trust their teens, but the opposite can also be true. Learn what happens if teens don't trust their parents in this article.

When teens date, they should be aware of the warning signs of dangerous relationships. Learn about the warning signs of teenage dating from this article.

Agricultural work, driving a forklift, construction work, and traveling youth crews are some jobs that teens should avoid. Learn about the worst summer jobs for teens.

The Internet can be a dangerous place for unaware teens who can be lured into dangerous situations. Learn what you can do to minimize the chances of an exploiter victimizing your teen in this article.

Adolescence is the emotional and physical growth process that turns children into adults. Learn about the basics of female adolescence in this article.

Make sure everyone – including kids - is enjoying the family vacation. Learn a few family vacation tips for teens in this article.

Children of teen parents may grow up with health, emotional, educational and financial problems. Learn how having a teen parent affects the child in this article.

After childhood, teens begin to think abstractly. Learn about the cognitive changes in adolescence in this article.