Dance Activities for Kids

Move your feet to the jazz beat.
Move your feet to the jazz beat.
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Set a toddler in front of a radio, and watch the dance activities for kids begin. Whether the music is hot or sweet, classical or Top 40, kids start moving with the beat. Dancing is easy, great exercise, and just plain fun for all ages. It's also a simple way to introduce kids to many different styles of music.

Your kids can take a musical journey from the fluid beauty of ballet to the hot rhythms of jazz dance, and from the insistent shaking beat of a Native American rain dance to the all-American clicking and clacking of tap dance. Find a style your kids like, and you'll be ready to dance through a rainy afternoon or even put on a show for the neighborhood.

Ready to start tapping and twirling? Check the links below for some dance activities that your kids will enjoy:

Take a Turn at Ballet

Capture the fluid grace of spins and turns to classical music.

Groove with Jazz Dance

Get down to the sound of crooning clarinets and swaying trombones.

Shake with a Rain Dance

Kids might bring some needed rain when they pick up the beat of a pow-wow.

Step into Tap Dance

Kids will sound like they've tapped off the stage of a Hollywood musical when they learn these swift steps.

Take a turn at graceful ballet -- discover how on the next page.

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