Dress-Up Activities for Kids

When you dress up, you can be a king or a wizard -- or anything else you can imagine.
When you dress up, you can be a king or a wizard -- or anything else you can imagine.
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Dress-up activities for kids are a guaranteed hit with young and older children alike. You might think that only kids like to dress up in costumes or old clothes, but people have been dressing up for thousands of years. In ancient cultures, people often would dance while dressed in animal skins -- this was a way to celebrate good hunting or plentiful crops.

Your dress-up play probably doesn't include such rituals, but isn't it fun to dress up in different clothes and pretend you're someone (or something) else? The following articles offer suggestions for different dress-up play and accessories. Who would you like to be today?

The Fashion Set

Borrow clothes from your family; then put on a fashion show. Learn other ways to have fun.

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker

What you do want to be when you grow up? See the ways that you can dress up like that person.

Magic Wand

With a magic wand, you can be a magician or a fairy princess. Find out how to make one.

Wonderful Wizard or Crowned Royalty

Try on this wizard hat or king's (or queen's) crown for a "just right" dress-up accessory. Learn how to make it.

Pipe Cleaner Ears

You can be a rabbit, a mouse, or any other animal with a pair of pipe cleaner ears. Find out more about it.

Put on a fashion show with clothes you can find at home! Read all about it on the next page.

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