How to Make Kids' Shoes

Shoes aren't just for walking. There are many wearable craft ideas to decorate your shoes so that they show off your personal style.

Whether you wear flip-flops, sneakers or just want to transform your shoelaces, these kids' activities are simple and easy to do. Check out the following pages to find ways to decorate your shoes.


Learn how to make snowshoes.

Curly Shoelace Ties

Transform your shoelaces in a few simple steps.

Snazzy Sneaker Set

Add patriotic stars to your shoes and make a hat to match.

Sahara Sand Shoes

Make shoes to endure walking on the sand.

Native American Moccasins

Make these comfy shoes that Native Americans wore.

Fun Time Flip-Flops

Make your flip-flops your own with these tips.

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