Theatre Crafts for Kids

Craft up some theatre fun with the mask of magic.
Craft up some theatre fun with the mask of magic.
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Theatre crafts can make any child dramatist perform better. Masks in particular help put a fun face on the acting craft.

Kids will have fun making their own masks or creating promotional materials for their show with these indoor crafts. So get out the glitter and glue and prepare to dazzle!

To start crafting items to assist your theatre production, follow these links:

Big Time Promotions

Make fliers, posters, invitations, tickets, and programs to go with your show.

Mysterious Eyes Mask

This mask highlights the eyes while hiding the mouth with a veil.

Mask of Magic

Kids will be ready to attend a masquerade with this theatre craft.

Lion Mask

This lion mask will be the mane event of any kids' theatre production.

Mighty Masks

Put funny, mixed-up magazine faces on a mask in this indoor craft.

Before the show starts, draft up important paper materials like flyers and programs in the first theatre craft -- keep reading to learn how.

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