Theatre Activities for Kids

Everyone is a star with theatre activities.
Everyone is a star with theatre activities.
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With theatre activities, kids will awaken their inner dramatist. They can act, direct, dance, and sing for an applause-ready audience. They can even make props to enhance the show.

There are many different ways to help a future star shine. Lip-synching, mysteries, musicals, and pantomime are all indoor activities that will feed the acting bug.


Budding dramatists can get started with these links:

Write a Play Day

Have a whole day just to write plays, then perform them!

Make Set Designs

Make your own wave backdrop in this theatre activity.

Mystery Play

Whodunit? Find out in this mysterious kids' activity.

Grandma, What Big Teeth You Have!

Everyone loves a fairy tale -- bring it to the stage in this indoor activity.

Play It Your Way

Create a song and dance routine, Broadway-style, in this theatre activity.


You don't have to climb your way out of a box when there is a story to tell in this kids' activity.

Story Scroll

Scroll the dramatic narrative forward in this indoor activity.

Balcony Scenes

Create an easy balcony for your classic balcony scene.

Star Search

Everyone gets their chance at stardom in this theatre activity.

Lip-Synch Show

Singing is easy if you are lip-synching. Try it out in this kids' activity.

Twirling Umbrellas

Bright, colorful umbrellas make an interesting backdrop in this activity.

Invite your kids to start dabbling in play writing in the first theatre activity for kids.

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