Easy Nail Art for Kids

Make the express yourself nail art design.
Make the express yourself nail art design.

Looking for a great wearable craft for kids? Look no further than your fingertips. Patterns and step-by-step instructions in this article result in easy nail art for kids. There are everyday designs and even special designs for the holidays.

These easy nail art designs are simple enough for kids, although they might require a few tries to get right. Kids will love showing off their artistic skills with this wearable craft. They might even be inspired to create their own nail art designs.

Follow the links below to get started on this fun wearable craft:

Twinkle Toes Nail Art

Express Yourself Nail Art

Independence Day Nail Art

Time on Your Hands Nail Art

Radiant Rainbows Nail Art Design

Lighten Up Nail Art Design

Everything you need to express holiday cheer is in this nail art idea, which includes several holiday-themed variations.

Put on your dancing shoes and try the nail art designs in the next section. Keep reading to learn how to create the twinkle toes nail art design.

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