How to Make Kids' Costumes

Dressing in costume is half the fun of make-believe.
Dressing in costume is half the fun of make-believe.

It's a simple fact: Kids love to dress up in costumes. Halloween is probably the most popular occasion for dressing up, but costumes are an important part of everyday play as well. From a fairy princess to a superhero to an alien being, costumes add to the enjoyment of pretending.

The following articles offer suggestions for a number of different costumes for kids. Most are intended as adult-and-kid projects -- some parts of the costume construction are a little difficult for small hands. Regardless of whether you're the adult helper or child creator, it's definitely fun for all when you get creative and jump into make-believe.

Goddess of Liberty Crown

Celebrate Juneteenth by wearing the traditional Goddess of Liberty crown to your family gatherings.

Safe Cape

Here's a cape that won't tug at your neck; it uses arm loops. Create a safe cape.

Box Costume

An empty box can become a charging steed when you create a horse costume from a box. Learn how on this page.

Fit for a King or Queen

Play at being royalty by creating and wearing these special crowns.

Superhero Cape

Everyone will know your super-powers by the special symbols on your cape. Find out how to decorate your superhero cape.

Mermaid Crown

Even on dry land, this coral-shaped crown is perfect for a little mermaid. Create this pretty mermaid crown.

Coat-of-Arms Crown

When you wear a jewel-studded crown with an attached coat of arms, make-believe will seem more like real life. Learn more on this page.

Creature from Outer Space

Are there aliens among us? It might be you! See this fun headband that lets you become a creature from outer space.

Hawaiian Hula Skirt

You can't properly dance the hula without a grass skirt. Find out how to create your Hawaiian hula skirt here.

Space Helmet

In this space helmet, you'll feel almost like a real astronaut. Wear it when you explore the alien terrain of your backyard.

Native Clothing

Every culture has its own native clothing. Learn how to create a costume that reflects our multiculturalism.

Night Sprite

Use your imagination to create a mask for the mystical night creature, the night sprite! It's fun to pretend.

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