Christmas Crafts for Kids

Frankincense Jars

These frankincense jars will make your whole room smell sweet on Christmas, and they're pretty enough to present to a king!

What You'll Need:

Small jars (baby food jars are fine, but jars of all shapes are good)


Uncooked rice


Fabric brush


Make Christmas stars or other shapes on your jar with glue. Stick rice to the glue. Let glue dry. Measure around the outside of your jar. Cut a piece of aluminum foil long enough to fit around your jar plus an overlap of 1/2 inch; there should also be a little extra at the top and bottom of the jar. Crush the foil into a ball, then smooth it out again on the tabletop.

Using the paintbrush, spread glue evenly on one side of the foil. Carefully place the jar on the edge of the foil. Roll the jar like a rolling pin, so that it wraps itself in foil. Carefully fold the top of the foil into the mouth of the jar, making sure it sticks in place. Fold the bottom of the foil under the jar.

Press gently around the jar with your fingers, making sure that the glue sticks everywhere. Tap the foil with the bristles of the fabric brush to bring out the texture of your rice pattern. Fill the jar with sweet potpourri.

If you want to give your frankincense jar to someone for a gift, you must wrap it first. In the next section, learn how to create a wrapping paper maker.

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