Christmas Crafts for Kids

Exploding Party Favors

Exploding Party Favors Christmas Craft for Kids
Exploding Party Favors Christmas Craft for Kids

Play tug-of-war with these exploding party favors on Christmas, and watch them explode with delicious candy!

What You'll Need:

Gold and silver wrapping paper




Small wrapped candies

Colored ribbons

These party favors were popular in France before the mid-1800s! The size of the snapper you want to make will determine how big your paper should be and how much candy you will need. For starters, you might want to use a sheet of wrapping paper that is 6x10 inches.

Overlap the paper 1/2 inch on the long sides to form a tube, and tape the edges together. Put 12 to 15 candies into the middle of the tube. Twist the ends of the paper, about 3 inches from the end. Tie each twist with a piece of ribbon, making a bow with streamers.

Open each end of the paper so that it flares outward, and push ends together so the center puffs up. To make your snapper explode candy, hold one end while a friend holds the other. Tug and shake the snapper until the paper breaks.

In the next section, learn how to make cute little elf-friend pins in a few simple steps.

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