Christmas Crafts for Kids

Take-One Plate Decoration

Take-One Plate Decoration Christmas Craft for Kids.
Take-One Plate Decoration Christmas Craft for Kids.

The Take-One Plate Decoration is by far one of the prettiest decorations for Christmas and it makes a tasty welcome when hung on the front door of your house.

What You'll Need:

2 aluminum-foil pie plates

Heavy scissors

Colored tape

Glue or stapler

Hole punch


Christmas greenery

Candy canes

Licorice sticks

Pretzel rods


Construction paper


Ask an adult to help you cut one pie plate in half. Cover the cut edge with colored tape to make it smooth. Glue it onto the whole pie plate to make a pocket. Punch a hole at the top of the whole plate and thread it with ribbon to make a hanging loop. Fill the pocket with Christmas greenery, candy canes, licorice sticks, pretzel rods, and other candies.

Make a pretty label that says, "Take One." Glue it onto the front of the pocket. Hang the decoration on your front door so that guests will have a welcome treat before they even get inside the house! (Remember to refill the pocket as the treats start to run out.)

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