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Christmas Pocket Pixie

Christmas Pocket Pixie Christmas Craft for Kids
Christmas Pocket Pixie Christmas Craft for Kids

Create a Christmas pocket pixie and everyone will ask, "Who's that peeking out of your pocket?"

What You'll Need:

Self-hardening clay

Large paper clip


Make a Pocket Pixie for everyone to wear at your next Christmas party. Roll a 1/2-inch ball of self-hardening clay to make the pixie's head. Press it onto one end of the paper clip. Roll a small cone shape out of clay and press it on top of the head to make the pixie's hat. Put a tiny clay ball on top of the cone to make the hat's pom-pom.

Color the hat and pom-pom with markers when the clay dries. Draw on a cheerful pixie face. Try to draw a different face on each pixie. Give one pixie big blue eyes, another a long pointy nose, another a missing tooth in his smile. You could write the name of each party guest along the front of each pixie's hat. Invite your guests to clip them onto their pockets or collars.

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