Christmas Crafts for Kids

Elf-Friend Pins

Do you know anyone who is nuts about Christmas elves? All of your friends will want an elf-friend when they see these elf-friend pins!

What You'll Need:

Walnut shells

Scrap fabric


Rubber band


Small safety pin

Needle and thread





Offer to crack some walnuts for your mom. Pick out the walnut shells that cracked neatly in half. Dig out the nut meat. Wrap a piece of cotton in a small square of fabric. Gather the edges and wrap with a rubber band to make a ball. The fabric and cotton ball should just fill the hollow space in the nutshell. Pour a puddle of glue into the nutshell.

Set the fabric ball in the glue, rubber band side down. When the glue is dry, stitch the back of a small safety pin to the fabric. You should be able to open and close the pin. Use paint and fine-tipped paintbrushes to paint an elf face on the front of the walnut. Glue on yarn or cotton for hair and beards. Cut out red or green felt elf hats, and glue them on.

Now that you have dancing fairies and elf-friends, it's time to make some things for the home. On the next page, learn how to make frankincense jars.

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