Christmas Crafts for Kids

Peek Inside Christmas Tree

Peek Inside Christmas Tree Christmas Craft for Kids
Peek Inside Christmas Tree Christmas Craft for Kids

This Peek Inside Christmas Tree has gifts inside instead of under!

What You'll Need:

Half-gallon milk carton,

Colored felt, glue,


Thin cardboard,


Masking tape,

Gold foil,

Treats or small gifts for inside the tree base

Make the base of your tree from the bottom half of a milk carton. Glue squares of felt onto it, and trim the edges with ribbons. Cut 4 triangles from thin cardboard that fit over the base. Cover them with green felt. Attach the sides of the triangles, underneath, with masking tape.

Fold edges into a Christmas tree shape. This will be the lid for the base. Glue small colored felt circles on the tree to look like Christmas ornaments. Cut a star from cardboard, and cover it with gold foil. Glue the star to the top of your tree. Fill the base with treats or small gifts.

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