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Snow Buddy Pencil Topper
Using the correct colors for your Snow Buddy Pencil Topper is essential to creating the perfect piece of winter art.
Using the correct colors for your Snow Buddy Pencil Topper is essential to creating the perfect piece of winter art.

For Christmas, kids can transform an ordinary pencil into a Snow Buddy Pencil Topper by following the simple steps below.

What You'll Need:

  • Air-dry paper clay
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Round wood toothpicks
  • Acrylic paint: black, green, red, orange
  • Small paintbrushes
  • Ball-headed pin
  • Craft glue
  • 1/4x10 inches blue felt

Step 1: To make the body of the snow buddy, roll a 1-inch ball of clay. Insert the end of the pencil halfway into the body. Break a wood toothpick in half, and insert half of it into the center top of the body.

Make sure the body of your snow buddy is nice and round.

Step 2: Make the head by rolling a 7/8-inch ball of clay. Insert this into the toothpick on top of the snow buddy's body. Slightly flatten the top of the


A much smaller head will make the snow buddy body look that much bigger.

Step 3: To make the hat, flatten a 5/8-inch ball of clay into a 1-1/8-inch circle. Roll a 7/8-inch ball, and slightly flatten the top and bottom of it (the sides should stay rounded). Place the flattened ball on the brim to complete the hat.

No snow buddy would be complete without a hat!

Step 4: Flatten a 2-inch ball of clay, and cut out 2 holly leaves with a toothpick. Make lines in the center of the leaves with the end of the toothpick. Roll a small ball of clay, then roll a 1/8-inch ball into a carrot shape. Let the body, hat, leaves, small ball, and carrot shape dry for 24 hours.

It takes a steady hand to create small shapes from a ball of clay.

Step 5: When the pieces have dried, paint the hat black, the holly leaves green, the small ball red, and the carrot nose orange. Use the ball-head of the pin and the black paint to dot eyes and a mouth on the snow buddy's face. Let the paint dry completely.

Use the rich black paint for your snow buddy hat.

Step 6: Glue the holly leaves and the red ball to the top of the hat. Glue the hat to the top of the snow buddy's head and the carrot nose to the snow buddy's face. Tie the piece of blue felt around the snow buddy's neck, and glue the ends down.

Your snow buddy pencil topper is ready to roll!

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