Christmas Crafts for Kids

Glittering Gift Jewelry

Glittering Gift Jewelry Christmas Craft for Kids
Glittering Gift Jewelry Christmas Craft for Kids

Help someone sparkle this Christmas with beautiful homemade glittering gift jewelry.

What You'll Need:

Corrugated cardboard





Gold and silver foil

Flat-backed colored glass gems

Jewelry pin backings


Thin wire

Gold cord

Draw and cut circles, hearts, Christmas trees, and star shapes out of cardboard. Drizzle glue on the shapes, and lay string in tight spirals or circles on the glue. Let the glue dry for several hours. Cover each shape with silver or gold foil, and glue it down in the back. Rub the foil so the string pattern shows through.

Glue on jewels in attractive designs. If you are making pins, glue a pin backing onto the back of each shape. If you want to make a medallion, tape a loop of thin wire onto the back of the shape. Thread gold cord through the loop to make a necklace.

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