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Christmas Crafts for Kids

Tubular Tree

Tubular Tree
Tubular Tree

Tissue paper and tubes make a totally terrific tubular tree.

What You'll Need:

Paper towel tube


Green acrylic paint

Red satin cord, 12 inches

2 sheets green tissue paper




Craft knife


Paper punch

Craft glue



Note: Adult help needed.

  1. Measure and mark six one-inch rings on a paper towel tube. Help your kids cut them apart using a craft knife. Paint each ring green; let dry.
  2. Punch a hole in the side of one ring. Push both ends of the satin cord through this hole, and tie the ends together inside the ring to make a loop for hanging.
  3. Keeping this ring at the top with the loop pointing up, glue all of the rings together in a pyramid shape. (Use clothespins to hold them in place until the glue sets.)
  4. Cut tissue paper into six 8-inch squares. Crumple each piece into a ball, and stuff one into each section, gluing in place around the edges. Glue sequins all over to decorate.
  5. Make a six-ring ornament like this one, or add more rows to make a shiny wall hanging for the holidays.

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