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Christmas Activities

Puzzle Wreath

Puzzle Wreath Christmas Activity
Puzzle Wreath Christmas Activity

I'll bet you've never seen a Christmas wreath like this before! When someone asks you what your puzzle wreath is made of, you can say, well ... that's the puzzle!

What You'll Need:


Sturdy 9-inch paper plate


Hole punch


1 cup white glue

Large bowl

Green food coloring

4 cups old jigsaw puzzle pieces

Mixing spoon

Waxed paper

Small Christmas balls

Small candy canes

Other small Christmas objects

Cut the middle out of the paper plate so that it looks like a wreath. Punch a hole through the top and tie a loop of yarn through it for a hanger. Put 1 cup of white glue in a big mixing bowl. Mix in five drops of green food coloring; mix. Pour in the puzzle pieces, and stir until they are completely covered with green glue. Lay the paper plate on some wax paper.

Put spoonfuls of puzzle pieces on the plate. Arrange them so they look nice. Allow wreath to dry for several days. When the wreath has dried, glue on small Christmas ornaments, candy canes, and other Christmas objects! Hang the wreath on the door to your room, or give it to someone special -- like grandma.

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