Christmas Activities

The Santa Bag Game

Have tons of fun this Christmas when you make up skits about the objects in Santa's bags -- play Santa's bag game!

What You'll Need:

Assorted small objects

3x5 Cards


Box that closes

White paper bags


Gather an assortment of small objects, such as toy soldiers, small Christmas ornaments, candy canes, and other tiny toys. Make word cards with Christmas words printed on them. Put the objects and word cards in a closed box. Then have everyone decorate a white paper bag. Each person can secretly fill their bag with 3 objects and word cards from the box.

Then close up the decorated bags, and put them in a pile. Divide players into small groups. Each group is given a bag. (Make sure that no one in that group made that bag.) Using the objects and word cards in the bags, the groups must create a skit. They must refer to their object or word by saying it aloud at least twice. Audience members then try to guess which 3 objects and words were in the bag.

After creating so many exciting crafts for Christmas, we're sure you've worked up an appetite by now. Continue to the next page to learn how to make a delicious Santa salad!

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