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Christmas Activities

Snow Mobile

Snow Mobile Christmas Activity
Snow Mobile Christmas Activity

Bring a little winter inside the house this Christmas with a sparkling snow mobile.

What You'll Need:


Silver or white glitter

Clear adhesive vinyl


Hole punch

White string or fishing line

White plastic-coated hanger


Flashlight (optional)

Step 1: Spread silver or white glitter onto the sticky side of a piece

of clear adhesive vinyl paper.

Step 2: Smooth another piece of paper over the top, and press out the air bubbles.

Step 3: Cut the glittered adhesive paper into snowballs, snowpeople, and snowflakes.

Step 4: Punch a hole near the top of each shape, and thread different lengths of fishing line or white string through each. If you use fishing line, your shapes will look like they are floating mysteriously in the air.

Step 5: Tie the other end of the fishing line or string to the coat hanger. Make sure some shapes hang lower than others to make your snow mobile more interesting. To hold the shapes firmly in place, tape the tied ends of the string to the hanger. Hang your mobile in a dark room, and shine a flashlight for some sparkling fun.

Now that your snow mobile is complete, it's time to create some sticky little creations for your Christmas cards. Go to the next page to learn how to make Christmas seals.

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