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Christmas Activities

Christmas Card Mobile

Christmas Card Mobile Christmas Activity
Christmas Card Mobile Christmas Activity

Don't be afraid to display your Christmas card mobile high above the crowd!

What You'll Need:


2 wire hangers

Red or green colored tape

Plastic drinking straws

Hole punch

Christmas cards

Red or green colored string

Artificial mistletoe





Ask an adult to help you make the base of this mobile. Insert one hanger into the open part of another hanger so that they form a cross shape. Twist the tops together so that they form one hook. Wind colored tape around the base and the rest of the hangers, if you like.

Tape the straws to the base, so they jut out from the base. Cover the straws with the colored tape. These will be the arms of the mobile from which you hang your decorations.

Punch holes at the tops of your Christmas cards. Thread string through the holes and tie them onto the arms of the mobile.

You can also tie on mistletoe, small ornaments, ribbons -- use your imagination! Vary the lengths of the string, and alternate cards with other decorations. Ask an adult to help you hang your mobile.

In the next section, learn how to put together peanutty pine cones for those brave birds that stayed behind this winter season.

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