Christmas Activities

Keepsake Quilts

You can hang up these sentimental keepsake quilts for many Christmases to come.

What You'll Need:

White cardboard




Hole punch


Large needle


Traditional quilts are made by sewing together squares of fabric in a special pattern. Often, the fabric was cut from old clothes and blankets used by family and friends. That way, the person who owned the quilt could sleep surrounded by happy memories of loved ones. You can make a cardboard quilt full of memories by measuring 6x6-inch squares of cardboard and cutting them out.

With a hole punch, punch 3 evenly spaced holes on each side inside the borders of each square. Give a square to family and friends. Have them write holiday messages, draw holiday events, or draw portraits of themselves on the squares. Collect the squares. Thread the needle with yarn, and sew the squares together through the holes you punched.

You might need an adult to help you get started with the sewing. When the quilt is all sewn, hang it in the family room or on the front door of your house. Bring it out each Christmas and add more squares for new family memories.

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