Christmas Activities

Snowy Christmas Cake House

Snowy Christmas Cake House Christmas Activity
Snowy Christmas Cake House Christmas Activity

This snowy Christmas cake house is as much fun to make as it will be to eat!

What You'll Need:

Refrigerated pound cake



White frosting

Tiny candy canes

Red and green gumdrops

Small thin squares of chocolate


Ask an adult to help you cut four 2-inch squares of pound cake. Using a plate as the base, put the squares together in a box shape to make the 4 walls of the house. Use the frosting as mortar. Cut 2 more squares to use as the sides of the roof, using more frosting as mortar.

Cut another square in half, and use each half to carefully close up the front and back of the roof. Frost the house with white frosting so it looks snowy. You can make a chimney of three gumdrops on a toothpick, doors and window of chocolate squares, and then add snow (frosting) all around the house. Stick candy canes around the house.

You might want to ask mom and dad to stick around for this next Christmas activity. Go to the next page to learn how to make crunchy walnut brittle.

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