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Soda Straw Loom Bookmark

Soda Straw Loom Bookmark Christmas Activity
Soda Straw Loom Bookmark Christmas Activity

This Christmas, you can make the perfect gift. Weave a soda straw loom bookmark for that special reader in your life!

What You'll Need:

Variegated (multicolored) yarn


6 milkshake straws (the big kind)

Large needle

Masking tape

Cut 6 pieces of yarn. Each piece should be about 5 inches longer than your straws. Use the needle to thread one piece of yarn through each straw. When all the straws have been threaded, tie the tops of all the yarn pieces together. Push the straws up until they touch the knot. Lay the straws on the table, side by side.

Put a piece of tape across the tops of the straws, just under the knot, to hold them in place. Turn the straws over; tape the other side in the same place. Cut another piece of yarn about 6 feet long. Tie one end of the yarn onto a straw, just below the tape. Weave the yarn over one straw and under the next; when you reach the last straw, go back again.

Keep weaving until the whole length of the straws is wrapped in yarn. Tie off the yarn and trim the end. Take off the masking tape. Slide the straws out of the weaving one by one. Push the weaving up to the knot. Tie an overhand knot in the yarn that was in the straws, just below the weaving.

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