Christmas Activities

Christmas Card Puzzles

This is a great Christmas card puzzle you can make for a little brother, sister, or cousin.

What You'll Need:

Nine 2x2x2-inch wooden blocks

6 large Christmas cards at least 6x6 inches (each must have a different picture)



Sharp craft knife

If your cards are bigger than 6x6 inches, decide which part of the picture you want to be in the puzzle and trim it to a 6-inch square. Lay the blocks together, 3 across and 3 down. Smooth glue across the back of a picture. Make sure it is completely covered. Press it, glue-side down, onto the blocks. Let the glue dry for a few minutes.

Ask an adult to help you use the craft knife to cut the blocks apart. Trim the paper along the edges of the blocks. Turn up 6 blank sides of the blocks, and repeat with a different card. Repeat with the other cards. When you are finished, each side of the blocks will have a Christmas picture on it, and you will have a 6-picture block puzzle!

Did all the puzzle-creating make you hungry? In the next section, learn how to make a snowy Christmas cake house. And yes, you can eat it when you're done!

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