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Christmas Activities

Holiday Place Settings

Holiday Place Settings
Holiday Place Settings

Just change the front piece and names on these holiday place settings, and use them again and again.

What You'll Need:

Toilet paper tube (1 or more)


White craft foam or card stock

Card stock: assorted colors

Decorative items: chenille stems, faux gems, stickers



Craft knife


Craft glue


Decorative-edge scissors

Decorative paper punches

Step 1: Help your child cut the tube into several two-inch pieces with a craft knife. Cut as many pieces as you want to make, using more than one tube if necessary.

Step 2: Wrap white craft foam or card stock around each tube section and cut to fit, leaving about 1/4 inch more width than the tube. Cut two slits in the center top of the foam to create a tab about 1/2 inch deep. Below this tab, cut a horizontal 1/2-inch slit.

Step 3: Glue this piece around the tube without gluing the tab or the slit. Hold in place with clothespins until the glue sets.

Step 4: With card stock, decorative-edge scissors, paper punches, stickers, chenille stems, and gems, use your imagination and creativity to design place markers for every season to insert into the top tab.

Step 5: Make name tags on your computer or use markers. Cut around the name, leaving a 1/2-inch tab on the bottom to fit into the horizontal tab.

Everyone will get into the Christmas spirit with the caroling activity you'll learn about next.

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