Easter Crafts

Twig Easter Basket

Twig Easter Basket Easter Craft
Twig Easter Basket Easter Craft

Make an Easter basket strong enough to hold all the eggs you can find with this craft project!

What You'll Need:

Small green (not dry) branches

Small saw


Cool-temp glue gun

Gather some branches that are 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. Cut eighteen 9-inch branch pieces, and 1 thin, bendable 18-inch piece.

Stack your sticks as if you were making a log cabin. Lay 2 branches parallel to each other, and then 2 branches across the ends of those. Using a piece of twine for each corner, wrap and tie the sticks at each corner as you go.

Make a stack of 3 sticks on each side. Slide the six remaining 9-inch sticks through the lowest space and across to form the bottom of the basket. Tie the sticks in place with twine, then glue them to keep them more firmly in place.

Bend the 18-inch branch into a U shape, and tie it to the basket for a handle. Use the glue gun to glue the handle in place.

Use the basket for an Easter egg hunt, or fill it with flowers and put it on your table for a centerpiece.

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