Easter Crafts

Cracked Pictures

Make beautiful mosaics from Easter eggshells with our Cracked Pictures craft project!

What You'll Need

Leftover Easter eggshells

Colored markers

Construction paper


Wash and dry the shell bits. It is good if you have an assortment of shapes and sizes. A lot of the shells will still have their color, but if you use plain eggshells, paint them with colored markers.

Draw the simple outline of an animal, person, or some favorite object on a piece of construction paper. You might want to use a darkish piece of paper to contrast with your shells.

Glue the shells into the outline. Glue them close together so no paper shows through. When you have filled in the outline completely, let the glue dry. Color in the details, such as faces, with markers.

For a more active endeavor to celebrate Easter, play a game. Learn how to play Egg-streamly Silly Basketball on the next page.

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