Easter Crafts

Pebble and Sprout Garden

Have springtime right on your table with this Pebble and Sprout Garden Easter craft project!

What You'll Need

Beet and carrot tops


Pie plate



Small plastic figurines

Ask an adult to cut the tops from the largest, fattest beets and carrots you can find. The tops should be at least 1 inch long. If there are any greens sprouting from them, cut these off, too.

Next, fill a pie plate with pebbles, leaving 1 inch of space at the top. If possible, use all white pebbles or alternate circles of white and dark pebbles for a pretty look. Place the carrot and beet tops on the pebbles with the cut sides down. Add water until it covers the bottom of the vegetables. Stand small plastic figurines in between the pebbles to make a funny springtime scene.

Put the arrangement in a place that gets good light but not direct sun. Check the water level each day to make sure the vegetables are always touching the water. In a week, you should see little green sprouts growing from the top of each carrot and beet. You may want to change the water and wash the pebbles after a few weeks. Your arrangement will last a little over a month.

To decorate for Easter, you can complement the Pebble and Sprout Garden with our fun Cracked Pictures. Learn how to make these on the next page of this article.

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