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Easter Crafts

Bunny Box

Bunny Box Easter Craft
Bunny Box Easter Craft

With this Easter-themed craft project, make a shadow Bunny Box with a cotton-ball bunny standing on a hill of jelly eggs.

What You'll Need:

Shallow box (such as a shoe box lid)




Colored cellophane Easter grass


Jelly beans

Cotton balls

White tissues

2 wiggle eyes

Construction paper


Jar lid

Self-stick picture hanger

Start with a shallow box such as a handkerchief or tie box, or the lid of a shoe box. Paint the outside of the box a pastel Easter shade. Let the paint dry. Paint the inside a pretty sky-blue color.

Glue a layer of cellophane grass along the bottom and sides of the box. Glue jelly beans inside the box to make a hill shape.

To make your Easter bunny stand on top of the hill, stack two cotton balls, add a tiny puff for the rabbit's cottontail, and glue them down. Twist tissues into 2 floppy ears, and glue them down as well. You can glue on tiny wiggle eyes, construction paper whiskers, nose, and mouth. You might want to give your Easter bunny a big smile or cut its mouth in an O shape, as if it were surprised.

Fold construction paper into a basket shape, glue on a strip for a handle, and place it at the bottom of the jelly bean hill, as if it had rolled down. Paint a jar lid to look like a bright, smiling sun, and glue it on. Press a self-stick hanger onto the back of your box, and hang it for all to see.

You can complement your Bunny Box with our cute Sleeping Chicks. Learn how to make them on the next page.

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