Easter Crafts

Sleeping Chicks
Make a little cradle for a sleeping baby chick!
Make a little cradle for a sleeping baby chick!

For a fun Easter craft project, make these cute little Sleeping Chicks and tuck them into their egg cradles.

What You'll Need:

Plastic eggs


Yellow poms

Wiggle eyes

Construction paper


Scraps of cloth

You can use the plastic egg halves that held your Easter candy for lots of crafts. You can even turn a plastic egg into a tiny cradle!

Put a little dab of glue on the bottom of one half of a plastic egg, and set it inside the other half so that one is horizontal and one is vertical. This is your cradle and canopy.

Use yellow poms and wiggle eyes to create a cute baby chick.

Glue 2 wiggle eyes onto a yellow pom. Cut out a tiny orange construction paper beak, and glue this on the pom to make a baby chick. Glue on a little circle of fabric to make a baby cap, and set your little chick in its egg cradle. Use a small scrap of fabric or another piece of tissue as a baby blanket, and tuck your chickie in.

Baby having trouble getting to sleep? Gently rock its cradle! Don't stop with the Sleeping Chicks, though. Check out our Mr. Funny Bunny project on the next page.

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