Easter Crafts

Beautiful Bonnet

Beautiful Bonnet Easter Craft
Beautiful Bonnet Easter Craft

Have you ever wished you could make your own Easter bonnet just the color and shape you wanted? You can with this unique craft project!

What You'll Need:

White paste

2 pieces of wallpaper or wrapping paper with a design

4 sheets of newspaper

Heavy scissors

A bowl the size of your head


Artificial flowers


Find wallpaper or wrapping paper that is the color you want your bonnet to be. You will need 2 pieces about the size of half a sheet of newspaper.

Spread paste on the back of one piece of wallpaper. Press a piece of newspaper down on it, and smooth it with your hands. Repeat with each piece of newspaper. Paste the final piece of wallpaper down with the print side up.

While the paste is still wet, cut a big circle out of the paper. Press the center of the circle over the bowl, and shape it into a hat. Turn the brim up, and brace it while it dries. When your bonnet is dry, decorate it with ribbons, flowers, buttons, and bows.

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