Easter Crafts

Bonny Bonnet

Bonny Bonnet Easter Craft
Bonny Bonnet Easter Craft

For a festive Easter craft project, make this "Bonny" Bonnet. When you wear it, everyone will want one of their own!

What You'll Need:

Empty berry basket


Easter grass

Jelly beans

Silk flowers

Tissue and construction paper

Chenille stems





Wiggle eyes


It wouldn't be Easter without beautiful Easter hats. Make a special hat of your own -- it can be silly, pretty, or both.

An empty berry basket is the base of the hat. Turn it upside down, and tie ribbons at the bottom of 2 opposite sides. Glue Easter grass all over the

basket. Let it dry.

To decorate your hat, glue on jelly beans and silk flowers. You can also glue rabbit and egg cutouts to chenille stems and twist them around the basket in various places. The chenille stems will make your cutouts stand up out of the Easter grass.

Be creative and make your Easter bonnet full of surprises. Is that a yellow pom-pom chick hiding in the grass?

If you have jelly beans left over after making the "Bonny" Bonnets, you can use them to play the Jelly Bean Game. Learn how on the next page.

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