Easter Crafts

Mr. Funny Bunny

Mr. Funny Bunny Easter Craft
Mr. Funny Bunny Easter Craft

This Mr. Funny Bunny will stand up on your table or on the dresser by your bed. Try out this fun Easter craft project.

What You'll Need:

Old knit glove

2 small safety pins





Sealable plastic bag




Cotton ball

Yarn scraps

Fabric paint

Fold the middle finger of the glove over the back of the glove. Reach up inside the glove with a safety pin. Push the pin through the fabric from the inside and pin the finger to the back of the glove. Stuff the rest of the glove with fiberfill all the way to the cuff, so that the fiberfill holds the cuff open.

Cut a circle of felt just bigger than the hole in the cuff. Put 1/8 cup sand in the sealable bag, and push it into the glove under the fiberfill. Use the needle and thread to stitch the circle of felt onto the cuff.

Pull the thumb and the little finger forward until the tips touch to make the bunny's arms. Pin the bunny's hands together (from behind) with a safety pin.

Glue a cotton ball to the tip of the folded-down finger behind the bunny. Glue on yarn whiskers. Use fabric paint to draw the rest of the face.

You can make a basket for your Mr. Funny Bunny to sit in, or to keep your Easter eggs in. See the next page for instructions on making a Twig Easter Basket.

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