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Easter Crafts

Bunny Plant Poke

Create this adorable Bunny Plant Poke.
Create this adorable Bunny Plant Poke.

This cute Easter bunny will be right at home among your potted plants. Make this easy craft project for the holiday.

What You'll Need:

18-inch wood dowel, 5mm


White jumbo loopy chenille stem


Poms: 1 white, 2 inches; 2 white,

1/2 inch each; 1 pink, 1/4 inch; 1 white,

1 inch

Low-temperature glue gun and glue sticks


Tracing paper


Felt: 3-1/2x5 inches white, 2x2 inches pink

2 wiggle eyes, 10mm each


Black dimensional paint

Small wood teardrop cutout


Orange acrylic paint

9 inches green yarn

Download the Bunny Poke Plant Patterns in PDF format, and print them out for use as described below.

Spiral-wrap the white chenille stem around 3 inches of one end of the dowel, spot-gluing every inch.

For the bunny's head, glue the 2-inch white pom on top of the chenille stem. To make the cheeks, glue two 1/2-inch white poms side by side toward the bottom of

the head.

Trace the teeth from the pattern, and cut them from the white felt; glue just under the cheeks. For the nose, glue the pink pom to the top middle of the cheeks. Use tweezers to glue 2 wiggle eyes above the cheeks.

Wrap and glue the chenille stem.
Wrap and glue the chenille stem.

Using the pattern, trace and cut out 2 white felt ears, 2 pink felt inner ears, and 2 white felt paws. Glue the inner ears to the white ears; glue to the top of the bunny's head. Glue the 1-inch white pom to the bottom left side of the body for the tail. Make toe lines on the bunny's paws with black dimensional paint. Let dry. Glue the paws to the bunny's sides, attaching the points at the neck.

Paint the wood teardrop orange; let dry. Cut the green yarn into three 3-inch lengths. For the carrot top, align the ends of two lengths of green yarn and tie the third length around the middle of them. Fold up all the ends and glue the knotted end to the back top of the carrot. Glue the carrot in the bunny's left paw.

Insert the dowel into a potted plant for a very bunny Easter decoration! See the next page for instructions to make an Egg Critter to keep the Bunny Plant Poke company.

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