How to Make Beaded Hair Barrettes

Friends Forever Barrette
Let the beads dangle to the side when you wear this dainty barrette.
Let the beads dangle to the side when you wear this dainty barrette.

This friends forever barrette is shown off to good advantage against the smooth and sleek lines of this style.

This barrette is so easy, you'll want to make one for you and one for your best friend! Just follow the steps below to learn how to make this hair barrette.

What You'll Need:

Large, silver bobby-pin barrette

Nylon line

Alphabet beads (to spell out "FRIENDS," your name, and your best friend's name)

15-20 purple beads

2 small orange heart beads

15­­-20 orange beads

2 small purple heart beads


Craft glue

Step 1: Cut a 10-inch piece of nylon line. Tie 1 end of the line to an end of the barrette. String the alphabet beads spelling FRIENDS onto the line. Run a line of glue on the outside of the barrette, set the beads in the glue, and tie the other end of the line to the other end of the barrette. FRIENDS will lay across the top of the barrette. Let glue dry completely. Trim tails.

Step 2: Cut a 10-inch length of line. Tie the middle of the line to the back curve of the barrette.

Step 3: On 1 tail, string 5 purple beads, the last letter of your name, a purple bead, the second to the last letter of your name, a purple bead...until you have completed your name. Thread on 5 purple beads, an orange heart, a purple bead, an orange heart, and a purple bead. Tie a knot after the last bead, and dab the knot and the last bead with glue.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 using the orange beads and your friend's name. Trim the ends of the line.

Mom can help you create this friends forever hairdo!

Let's get started on that slick hairdo!

Step 1: Start with damp, towel-dried hair. Work a defining cream through your hair.

Step 2: Use a pomade to make the hair look slick while giving it shine.

Step 3: Smooth the pomade over your hair's surface.

Step 4: Mold your hair into the shape that you want your style to be. To get the fullness that we got at the front, comb the hair in the opposite direction of your natural part. The pomade will hold the hair in place. If you like, dry your hair using a diffuser attachment on your blow-dryer. This will prevent the molded shape from getting blown around.

Step 5: Place the barrette where you want it. We placed it so it holds the bangs and sides back, while providing decoration to this very sculptural style.

Ready to get down and get groovy? On the next page, learn how to make a jeweled hair clip that your friends will surely envy!

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