How to Make Beaded Hair Barrettes

Spangle Dangle Barrettes
This dangling barrette literally dances with every move you make!
This dangling barrette literally dances with every move you make!

This spangle dangle barrette is fantastic -- but add poofs of ponytails and it's spectacular!

Just follow the steps below to make this beaded hair barrette and you'll instantly add motion and color to your hairstyle. This style rocks!

What You'll Need:

Bobby pin

1/8-inch polyester ribbon in light pink, dark pink, and light blue

8mm faceted beads in clear, blue, and pink

Transparent spaghetti beads in pink and clear

Clear tape



Craft glue

Step 1: Using clear tape, secure the bottom (flat) side of the bobby pin to the edge of a secure flat surface, such as a table or desk.

Step 2: Cut the ribbon into 12-inch lengths: 1 light blue, 2 dark pink, 2 light pink.

Step 3: Double each piece of ribbon, fold it over the top (wavy) part of the bobby pin, and attach it to the bobby pin with a lark's head knot. Stiffen the ribbon ends with glue so that threading on the beads will be easier.

Step 4: To rows 1 and 5, thread on 1 clear spaghetti bead, make a knot, 1 blue faceted bead, make a knot, 1 pink faceted bead, make a knot.

Step 5: To rows 2 and 4, begin with a knot. Add 1 clear faceted bead, make a knot, 1 clear spaghetti bead, make a knot, 1 purple faceted bead, make a knot.

Step 6: On the middle row, begin with 1 blue faceted bead, add 1 clear spaghetti bead, 1 clear faceted bead, 1 blue faceted bead, 1 clear spaghetti bead, and 1 clear faceted bead. Make a knot.

Step 7: Trim the ends of the ribbon so the bottom of the ribbon dangle has a V shape. (Be sure to remove all the glued ribbon ends when you trim them.)

Mom can help you create this cute hairdo in a snap!

Follow these steps to create a spangle dangle barrette hairdo:

Step 1: Use a medium-hold gel in your hair, and blow it dry.

Step 2: Part the hair down the middle, from the front of your head to the nape of your neck. Leave a small piece of fringe on either side of the part.

Step 3: Make the hair poof by gathering your hair in a coated band.

Step 4: Twist the ponytail holder once, and pull the hair halfway through the band. You will have a loop of hair.

Step 5: Fan out and shape this loop of hair. Use a bit of hair spray if you want extra hold.

Step 6: Braid each of the side fringes left out of the ponytails. Use an under-braiding technique. Separate the hair into 3 strands, and bring the left strand under the center strand.

Step 7: Then bring the right strand under the center strand. Use this pattern throughout. If you are picking up hair along the scalp, join a little of the scalp hair to the outside strands before crossing them under the center strand.

Step 8: To add a bead, thread the bead onto a length of ribbon. Place an end of the ribbon along the braided end of hair. (Note: Have the ribbon and bead ready before you begin braiding.) Form a loop around the braid above the bead, and thread the end of the ribbon through the loop. Pull the loop tight. Repeat twice.

Step 9: Use the same technique in step 8 below the bead. Knot the ribbon below the bead to secure the bead and braid.

Step 10: Add the ribbon dangle wherever it will show best!

This next barrette will have a positive effect on you and everyone around you! Continue to the next page to learn how to create a true sparkle effects barrette.

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