How to Make Beaded Hair Barrettes

Shooting Star Barrette

This shooting star barrette will look like it's sailing through the sky!
This shooting star barrette will look like it's sailing through the sky!

Get your head in the clouds with this stylin' shooting star barrette. The steps below will show you how to make this beaded hair barrette in dazzling colors that will give a liftoff to any hairstyle!

What You'll Need:

10 feet of beading thread

1 bow clip barrette

450 to 500 seed beads in various colors

75 to 100 small sequin stars in an assortment of colors

5 to 10 E beads in various colors

5 to 10 star jewels in different colors




Tacky glue

Step 1: To make the barrette danglers, measure 5 lengths of beading thread, 2 feet each.

Step 2: Insert 1 end of the thread through the round hole at the hinged end of the barrette. Pull it through the hole until it meets up with the other end of the thread; make a knot at the center. You should now have 2 pieces of thread hanging from the barrette that are the same length. Repeat this step with the other 4 lengths of thread.

Step 3: Insert 1 length of thread through a needle, and begin stringing on seed beads and sequin stars: 5 beads, 1 star, 5 beads, 1 star, etc.

Step 4: When you have made your dangler the length you want, add 1 E bead and a seed bead. Tie a knot, and then run the needle over the last seed bead, up through the E bead, and through about 1 inch of beads before cutting the thread.

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other 9 strands of thread.

Step 6: To decorate the barrette, spread glue across the top of the barrette. Carefully place star jewels in the glue. Let dry completely before wearing.

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